We are the Broken Spring Specialists

If you are in need of repair of your garage door we have the perfect service to fit your needs. A certified background checked professional will give you a complete safety and performance evaluation, go through all your options, and help guide you what’s best for you and give you an upfront price for services.

Your garage doors long term performance and your families safety is are number one concern and we will guide you with honesty and professionalism to assure your goals are met. You will then have the confidence that your garage door and/or opener is repaired properly.

We stand by all our work and you will receive a warranty certificate on all parts supplied and all labor performed. So weather you need routine maintenance or need a full garage door rebuild, thank you for considering Freedom for all your garage door needs.


Freedom Garage Door Services has you covered for all types of garage door and garage door opener repairs. Including, but not limited to:

  • Simple tune ups with included safety inspection
  • Broken torsion spring replacement
  • Broken extension spring replacement
  • Replacement of rollers, cables or weather seals
  • Complete overhaul or rebuild of your existing door
  • Section replacement
  • Replacement of complete door (see Garage Door Replacement)

We service all major brands:

Garage Door Repair Services

Properly maintained garage doors and openers provide homeowners with years of dependable service. However, over time, parts wear out, debris gets into tracks and springs, nuts and bolts come loose.

Freedom Garage Door Services; Repair and Tune-up with Safety Inspection;

Always have your garage door inspected at least once a year, time your inspection to correspond with other seasonal tune-ups.

  • Check and clear the tracks of any debris
  • Tighten brackets, door tracks, along with wall and ceiling bolts. We investigate any anchoring hardware.
  • Homeowners should inspect rollers at least twice a year. Our technician will go through all rollers for cracking and wear.
  • Cables and pulleys inspected.
  • Extension and torsion springs inspected and replaced if needed. Any damaged or frayed cables, call Freedom Garage Door
  • Rollers, hinges, pulleys, bearings, and any other moving parts are inspected and thoroughly lubricated.
  • Your garage door balance is tested and fixed. If the garage door does not remain in place after raising, the springs may be worn.
  • Automatic door openers have an auto-reverse component. Freedom Garage Door will analyze and correct if needed.
  • Rubber weather-stripping at the bottom of the door wears out quickly. Check periodically.
  • A coat of paint may be unavoidable. 1) if the material is steel, check for rust spots. 2) Fiberglass needs washing regularly. 3) Wood doors need to be looked at carefully for warping and water damage.

If you recognize any of the following issues, call Freedom Garage Door Services right away. 1) Unusual noises are invariably a warning of needed maintenance. Problems can be solved with routine upkeep and replacing a few parts. 2) Frozen garage doors are a constant circumstance in Washington weather. Resist the impulse to bang on the door. Frozen door problems may be created by stripped gears, broken springs, or a bad motor.

Each of the companies we represent provides guidelines for years of dependable service for their products.  The garage door builder offers installation and product warranties. Each guarantee is unusual. It is prudent to review the builder’s website or contact Freedom Garage Door Services for information.

Types of Warranty:

  • The installation of your garage door is typically protected for up to one year from the date of purchase or completed install.
  • Product Warranty; 1) Paint and finish carry a warranty of up to ten years. 2) Garage door sections, up to five years. 3) Hardware warranties are from three to five years.

Homeowners take the garage door for granted when considering security. A garage usually stores thousands of dollars worth of tools and other belongings, easy pickings if not protected.

Modern garage door security can be reinforced by installing a new opener with rotating security codes. This simple addition, along with other add-ons, can prevent most break-ins.

Properly maintained garage doors could last for decades. However, if neglected they will permanently fail within a few brief years.

Call Torre at (253) 495-8488 or email: torre@freedomgaragedoorservices.com to schedule a consultation and the answers to all your garage door questions.

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