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We repair all major brands of garage door openers and install the best.  Our Premium Series Garage Door Openers are designed to perform and built to last.  Their smooth, trouble-free operation is great for daily use while providing you the safety and control you want in a Garage Door Opener.

We offer 24/7 service and same day service.

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Repair or Replace Garage Door Opener

It is unheard of for modern homes not to have a garage door opener. Garage door openers have gone high tech.

Freedom Garage Door Services installs, repairs, and overhauls any opener system. Compared to HVAC and electronics in your home, garage door openers are complex systems only trained technicians should install or service.

Six types of garage door openers are popular, Freedom Garage Door Services is certified to install and repair each type.

  1. Belt drives use rubber belts for the movement. These types are quieter and have an easier process than chain-driven doors.
  2. Screw drive systems rotate threaded-steel rods, moving a trolley for the open and close action. Screw types are the nosiest openers. However, they have the fewest moving parts and provide easy upkeep.
  3. DC powered openers are quiet, fast, and efficient. These designs come with variable speeds and soft start/stop technology.

Our company installs and services all leading brands of garage door openers. We give our neighbors 24/7 service and same day tune-ups and adjustment. Call our offices at (253) 495-8488 to talk with a professional.

  1. Chain driven systems utilize various size chains, producing the open and close motion. Chain drives are usually the least expensive but have the loudest operation.
  2. Direct drive garage door openers use stationary chains with a steel rail moving a motorized carriage. Direct drives are smooth and economical.
  3. We install Jackshaft drives on the side of the garage door opening. An electric motor uses cables and pulleys to twist a torsion bar. This method leaves the ceiling available for alternative uses. However, jackshaft drives are generally costly.

Garage door remotes offer ultra-convenience for homeowners. Some garage door openers work better with different remotes, and others do not. It is prudent to call and talk with our associates before deciding on a system for your home.

Freedom Garage Door Services offers free home consultations and inspections.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each opener system. Homeowners must determine what works best in their home. Is a quiet opener the deciding circumstance, or is low-maintenance high on your list of features?

Choose an opener with the greatest motor size, at least ½ horsepower in most situations. The bigger the motor, the longer your system operates efficiently. Freedom Garage Door technicians offer homeowners a wealth of experience to support your buying decision.

When you schedule your appointment with Freedom Garage Door, our technicians evaluate your home characteristics 1) Width and height are measured to identify what size opener your home should have. 2) Material is considered; wood is heavier and demands more power. 3) Determine extent of horsepower required. Motors range from 1/3 to over one horsepower, insulation, material, and size all create a change. 4) Establish the drive type and best installation options for your opener.

Our neighbors have enjoyed years of install and maintenance experience. 100% customer satisfaction is Freedom Garage Door Services’ number one objective.

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